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Last updated: 26 Mar 2016

Statue of Equality - Sri Jagadguru Murugharajendra Math - Lord Basaveshwara - chitradurga



In 12th Century A.D. Basaveshwara made a remarkable revolution in social, religious and economic fields. He fought against and abolished many kinds of discriminations. He built a classless, colourless, creedless and genderless society.

Installation of a colossus statue of Lord Basaveshwara of 325 feet height is a dream of the Dr. Sri Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru. A huge bronze statue construction work is in progress as part of symbolic source of inspiration of knowledge by the insight of Lord Basavanna. And, while we have taken a step forward we earnestly appeal to all individuals, trusts, corporate and funding agencies to come forth and join us. Take us a step closer to achieving this vision of a Equality of India. Contribute now.

I wish to help build one of the tallest statue in the world in remembrance of the Sri Basavanna


I wish to help build the tallest statue in the world in remembrance of the Statue of Equality

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