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Statue of Equality - Sri Jagadguru Murugharajendra Math - Lord Basaveshwara - chitradurga



The 12th century period of Sharanas (humanists) is an illuminating chapter in the history of Karnataka. Sri Jagadguru Murugharajendra Math, located on the outskirts of fort city of Chitradurga, Karnataka state, India, inherits this culture of Sharanas. The lineage of its pontiffs begins with Sri Allamaprabhu holy seat of pontiffs of this Math, is called as "Shoonya Peetha" seat of vacuum. It has the long history of 800 years and enthroned by great spiritual personalities like Channabasavanna, Thontada Siddalinga Yati, Siddaveeranna Odeya, Gaganadarya, Kattigehally Siddhalingaswami, Murige Shanthaveera Desika, Jayadeva Jagadguru and Mallikarjuna Murugharajendra Swamiji of the recent past .


Dr. Sri Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru is the present head of the Math, who was ordained on the Holly throne on 31st January, 1991, as successor of Sri Mallikarjuna Murugharajendra Swamiji


Dr. Swamiji set compassion and co-existence as two missions for the Math. Sharanas culture was considered as the only ideal for life. Propagation of Basava philosophy and its practice in day-to-day life were the programmes he designed for the Math and disciples. For their careful implementation he organized the people and motivated them with required training. Fostered Basavakendras in villages, towns and cities gave them monthly and annual programme for implementation

His field of action includes the eradication of evils of caste system, removal of inequality and poverty. Discontinuing the practice of blind beliefs, avoiding the environmental pollution while implementing development projects. Helping the workers and farmers, protection of the orphan children, eradication of bad habits and drug addiction, anti dowry programs, widow and inter caste marriages are some of the activities to name. He has launched

SHARANA SANGAMA is a monthly programme conducted on 5th of every month. The purpose of this Sangama is to find solutions to the contemporary problems of society and to know how best we can adopt these preaching’s in our daily life.

MASS MARRIAGE Programme is conducted on 5th of every month. It is a popular programme today. It has become a boon for those who are ill afford to cost of marriage.

SAHAJA SHIVAYOGA is a meditation cum personality development programme.

TRANSFORMATION is a special programme to transform the minds of prisoners in jails to enable them to take up new life after the completion of the tenure of their conviction.

MANEYALLI MAHAMANE programme about family welfare, child care, mutual understanding, communal harmony, etc. are some of the topics considered on these occasions.

JANA JAAGRITHI PAADAYAATRA is a programme in which Dr. Swamiji takes a march on the streets of villages, town or city on account any special occasions.

SAHA BHOJANA AND HALLIGONDU ABHIVRUDDHI KARYAKRAMA Dr. Swamiji is probably the only and one in the country who has dedicated his spiritual seat for the welfare of gullible ones and common man.

SHARANA SAMSKRUTI UTSAV (FETE OF HUMANITARIAN PHILOSOPHY) The Chinmuladri Bruhanmutt, besides serving the needy with Anna dasoha (free mass feeding), Akshara dasoha (imparting of free education) and Arogya dasoha (Free health services) is earnestly trying to enlighten the society by disseminating the humanitarian philosophy propounded by the humanists of twelfth century, through arranging the Sharana Samskruti utsav, regularly every year.

MAHA DASOHA is a programme of providing free food to the visitors of Math every day.

BASAVASHREE AWARD is instituted for the purpose of recognizing and rewarding the great personalities like researchers, scholars, social workers who work for the propagation and practice of Sharanas Culture and philosophy. . It carries Rs. 5 Lakh cash and a citation.

HONOURS AND AWARDS Dr. Swamiji has been honouring the outstanding personalities in India and abroad with Sri Math’s prestigious ‘Basava Shree’ and ‘Murugha Shree’ awards every year.

JAMURA KALALOKA cultural activities are the routine programme of the Math.

A NOTED LITERARY FIGURE Dr. Swamiji who tours the nook and corner of the country with an observant eye relentlessly, has recorded his observations and experiences in several books in Kannada (few of them are translated in to different languages including English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi).

SJM PUBLICATIONS is the publication division of Sri Math.

ABODE FOR ORPHAN CHILDREN AND OLD AGE PEOPLE is created in Chitradurga Math and Belur Math in Kodagu District.

BASAVATATVA MAHAVIDYALAYA is the under-graduation college started in the year 1998 by Dr. Swamiji with the intention of imparting knowledge and training both in spirituality and social service.

VACAHANA KAMMATA is an institution organised for providing a workshop on Vachana literature for students studying in schools and colleges.

ALLAMA PRABHU RESEARCH CENTRE A research centre in the name of great saint Allamaprabhu is also another plan of the Swamiji for promoting study and research in Vachana literatures and Sharana culture.

MURUGHARAJENDRA MUSEUM As the Math has a remarkable history and so many antiquities the Swamiji thought of establishing a museum in the premises of the Math.

MURUGHAVANA A large park full of greenery is developed on the right side of the Math with shading trees, flowering plants and medicinal herbs, images, small zoo containing various peculiar birds and animals are the new attractions.

BRONZE STATUE OF LORD BASAVESHWARA Installation of a colossus statue of Lord Basaveshwara of 325 feet height is a dream of the Dr. Swamiji.

SJM VIDYAPEETHA is an apex body established by the Math to promote education throughout the country with special emphasis to rural areas and vocational education. It has a bunch of institutions ranging from elementary School to Medical College, consisting of a Dental college, an Engineering College, Polytechnic College, Degree Colleges etc., In all it has about 120 institutions and 200 branch Maths. Dr. Sri Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru is the administrative head for all these institutions.

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